FYC FD : Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit

Welcome to our FCY Fixed Deposit service, designed to offer you attractive returns on your foreign currency deposits. By choosing our FCY Fixed Deposit, you can benefit from a competitive interest rate while ensuring 100% principal and interest repatriation in the same account from which the funds were received.

Key features

Interest Rate:

Earn a competitive interest rate of 5% on your fixed deposit.


Start your investment journey with a minimum deposit of 1000 USD.


Lock in your funds for a minimum term of 1 Year to enjoy consistent returns.

Principle and Interest Repatriation:

Rest assured that we guarantee 100% principal plus interest repatriation directly to the account from which the funds were initially received.

Interest Payment:

 Enjoy the flexibility of receiving interest payments on a quarterly basis. However, please note that all interest payments are subject to a prevailing tax rate of 6%.



IF  you possess an NRN card, it serves as a valid document for availing this service.


Alternatively, an NRNA card can also be submitted as a valid document for processing your FCY Fixed Deposit.

Why choose fcy Fixed Deposit

Competitive Returns: 

Benefit from a lucrative interest rate of 5%, ensuring that your money works harder for you.

Secure and Transparent:

With guaranteed repatriation of both principal and interest, our FCY Fixed Deposit offers a secure and transparent investment avenue.

Flexible Interest Payment: 

Enjoy the convenience of receiving your interest payments on a quarterly basis, helping you to manage your finances effectively.

Get Started Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn attractive returns on your foreign currency deposits. To get started with our FCY Fixed Deposit service, ensure you have the necessary documentation in place and meet the minimum deposit requirements.

For further information or assistance, please contact us or visit our nearest branch.

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