Cross Border Payments have evolved a lot in this growing trend. In particular, market opportunities post pandemic have witnessed a surge in the economy, making this business the most competitive of all.

A simple fact is, when more money gets circulated in the market it is much better for the economy. Any transactions, transferring funds to the near-and-dear ones / cross-border investment for any business / business transactions / emergency transfers over any issues, money is the key thing that keep the economy active.

To boost the transactions, it is mandatory to offer the best deal all the time. Our presence in this business for over a decade will always get you the best offers of all the time.

What are cross-border payments?

Cross-border payments are considered as a financial transaction between people living in different countries that involves conversion of currencies. An increase in the cross-border payments has a great impact on the economy.

In simple words, sending money to people in different countries in other currencies. Conversion to other currencies through conventional means is a elaborate procedure. Money will reach the recipient after several checks performed by intermediate banks. The payer will have to bear the cost incurred for these procedures.

Having seen this, there will be an alternate way out to every traditional approach.

With a banking app utilizing the service with the help of multinational banks through FusionFabric.cloud. It receives a request from a banking app and, with the help of Fintechs, it performs all the checks and minimizes the workflows and processes, making cost competitive and time efficient.

Cross Border Payments are categorized into 2 types:

Wholesale cross-border payments: Often deals with large value transactions between big players. It includes borrowing and lending, foreign exchange, trading of equity and debt, derivatives, commodities and securities.

Import & export of goods and services by governments and private players use wholesale cross-border payments for large transactions.

Retail cross-border payments: Transaction between individuals and small businesses will come under retail cross-border payments. The majority of transactions will be from migrants sending their hard-earned to their near and dear ones in their home countries.

Change in the Trend

Based on an article in economictimes , around $83 billion, India is the largest global market for inward remittances, followed by China & Mexico. Especially from the United States and Middle East.

These market trends create a huge impact on the Nepal & Bangladesh communities present across the United States and other parts of the world. Often, cross-border payments are done through various channels like SWIFT, RDA, MTSS, and so on.

Payment through conventional means is quite unpopular among small value transactions as it demands huge regulatory and documentation procedures. Also, the cost and speed have a huge impact on the payers.

How Unlimited Remit Supports?

We support Nepal & Indian communities throughout the United States on cross-border payments for a competitive fee. We serve payers irrespective of the amount being transferred. We do offer instant transfers for premium customers.

Please visit our ‘Remittance from USA to Nepal | Unlimited Remit’ page to get to know more about our services.

As referred to earlier, it is mandatory to be updated in the world of payments. Our association with the best brands will help us to support our customers in the most efficient way.

We do encourage e-payments via mobile wallets, credit cards, e-wallets for any kind of transaction.

We support B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C on all types of cross-border payments.
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