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dec 2022

Most Innovative Global Payments & Remittances Solutions Company 2022

LUXlife Magazine published from UK has given us the recognition and award for "Most Innovative Global Payments & Remittances Solutions Company 2022”. This magazine is a premium lifestyle publication which was founded in 2015 by the publishing company AI Global Media Ltd. Distributed to a circulation of 94,000 globally, LUXlife focuses on a range of topics within the luxury lifestyle industry, featuring articles on fashion, beauty, fine dining, travel, luxury real estate and much more. Here is the magazine that you can view online:

Get 20.23 discount in your first remittance

We've Got Awesome News for You! Unlimited Remit has initiated a campaign for first-time customers when they send 2023 or more in any currency, they get a deduction of 20.23 in the same currency in their sending amount, but the beneficiary gets the full amount. This promotion is valid till January 15, 2023 and is only valid for the first transaction of a new customer. Watch this video for the explanation of this campaign in English language: and in Nepali language: 2023 Promotion Campaign in Nepali More details about our campaign is available in

Request Remit

Unlimited Remit has brought the feature of REQUEST REMIT which helps beneficiaries to receive remit in just one click. Requesting remit to your family and friends residing abroad was never this easy before.

Request remit in just few steps:

Step 1: Open our website or PhoneApp and click on Request Remit button.

Step 2: Enter your mobile number.

Step 3: Fill in the required amount.

Step 4: Fill in the details of your sender residing abroad.

Step 5: Fill in your bank details where you want to receive the remittance.

Step 6: Click on the request remit button.

Instant Remit

Send and receive remit instantly with our “Instant remit” feature. In this platform beneficiaries will receive remit instantly and directly deposited in their bank accounts, respectively. Our guarantee is to be paid to the beneficiary within one (1) business hour of Nepal, but in general we are depositing into the bank account of the beneficiary within minutes of initiating transfer. We are constantly trying our best to serve our customers with the easiest and most secure ways of sending and receiving remits and instant remit is one of the best outcomes from us.

Send Remittance in 25 currencies

We have grown our corridors for our customers to be able to send remittance from over 100 countries in 25 currencies. Here is a list of the currencies that can send remittances into Nepal.

Interesting Interest

Earn the highest interest rates that any commercial bank is giving on a Remittance Fixed Deposit which is 13.133% interest per annum. The term can be anything from 3 months to 5 years. 13.133% is the highest interest rate to date. This special high interest rate has been approved by Nepal Rastra Bank for monies coming from remittances only. Interest is deposited in your savings account every quarter.

Large Transactions Possible

Customers can send large transactions fr om our platform, to the extent of USD 250,000 in a single day if you are transferring from your bank account or whatever is the lim it that your card issuing company has provided in the case of sending money fr om you debit or credit cards. However the lim it per transaction is NPR 10 lakhs with multiple transactions possible every day. This feature will fulfill the need to send a larger amount of remittance to the receiver.

Proudly Made in Nepal

Removing expensive intermediaries from the transaction ensuring that diaspora and their friends & families benefit the most from their hard-earned money, Unlimited Remit is the most innovative global payments and remittances solutions company proudly made in Nepal. We offer digital remittance service with the best exchange rate, valuing your hard-earned money to send back home. A proud solution developed in Nepal with love.

Security First

We value the security of the personal details as well as the transaction details of our customers. For cards, we have now been certified as PCI-DSS Level 3 Certified ensuring that all of the data that travels between the customer and the card issuing company is completely secure.

For Every Remittance of NPR 100,000 A Tree Will Be Planted

Our generation is currently facing a grand challenge: Climate Change. Everybody has a role to play in this, small or large. We know that the Global South in particular is vulnerable due to Climate Change, Nepal being one of these countries. Due to its geography, Nepal is exposed to hazards triggered by rapid snow- and ice-melt in the mountains and torrential rainfall episodes in the foothills during the monsoon season. Millions of Nepalese are estimated to be at risk from the impacts of climate change including reductions in agricultural production, food insecurity, strained water resources, loss of forests and biodiversity, as well as damaged infrastructure.

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