Its raining Sikka for 80 days during the festival seasons of teej, Dashain, Tihar, and Chhat for both sender and beneficiary

Starts from September 1 to November 19

Total Winner 1885

The sender and beneficiary shall get a coupon for a transaction above Rs. 100,000 and be eligible for prizes worth more than NPR1.8 Million.

*This offer is valid for transactions above Rs. 100,000 and above (not applicable for transactions less than Rs. 100,000) 

Remaining Days for (It's Raining Sikka)



How do I redeem a Sikka?

The sender can redeem a Sikka while sending a transaction or accumulate Sikka and use it all at once at his/her discretion. A Sikka has a life span of 1 year from the date of issue.

The beneficiary can redeem a Sikka via a store affiliated with Earn Sikka, a multi-brand loyalty program that has multiple stores of various kinds under its belt. For further info: or contact our customer care.

Our customer service representatives will guide you on how to use a Sikka within the various stores that are affiliated with Earn Sikka

What's in store for you?

1. For Shoppers, shop at your favorite brands or showrooms and earn exclusive "Sikka" with every purchase.

2. For remittances, send remittances through Unlimited Remit and earn exclusive "Sikka" with every dollar you send. 

Terms & Conditions


This offer is valid for transactions above Rs 100,000 and more.

For Rs 100,000 and above, the sender and beneficiary shall both get a coupon and be eligible for the prizes.

Daily Prize Distribution

Prizes will be distributed from October 1, 2023, to 1885 winners till November 19, 2023

Campaign Run Time

This campaign is only valid until November 19, 2023

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