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21 Non-profit Organizations

Should you want to enable the ability to receive donations from your own site as a non-profit organization, kindly fill up the form

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Unlimited Remit and its partner company in Nepal Lalit Money Transfer provides non-profit organizations the ability to receive donations from over 100 countries in 27 currencies from your own website and phoneapp.


We have supported and would like to support various non-profit organizations that are supporting education initiatives in Nepal.


We have supported and would like to support various non-profit organizations that are supporting health initiatives in Nepal.

Our Goal:100 Nnn-Profit Organizations
Time left: 365 Days

Unlimited Collection Services

Unlimited now provides the ability to non-profit organizations to be able to mobilize resources and accept micro/nano small donations from individuals from around the world, as part of its CSR.

This service is only available to non-profit organizations.

Non-profits are doing great work and we would like to support it by ensuring that they are able to raise funds from both individuals or organizations, no matter what the amount is.

Once approved, Unlimited will provide 2 lines of code, which is to be added to the website or PhoneApp of the non-profit organization. There is no API integration or other technical work.

With these two lines of code, we provide the ability for the non-profit to raise funds from over 100 countries in the world in 25 currencies.

The funds will get deposited into your account in near-real time.

If you are a non-profit, kindly fill up the form in this site if this is a service you feel could help you achieve your goals to make a difference as a non-profit organization.

Unlimited Collection Service

Our services

This Video Explains the Unlimited Collection Services

How we work

Benefits To Collection Services

1. Resource Mobilization For Fund Raising

2. Very Little Technical Knowledge Required

3. Send Link To Supporters And Donors

4. Able To Receive Recurring Donations

5. Reporting: Details Of All Donors
6. Funds Deposited Directly Into Bank Account
7. No Charges. No Cost. No Up-Front Fees
8. Bring All Funds From Official Channels
9. Ability To Collect Micro Donations
Enabled with Unlimited Collection Service

Our Partners


This is what our partner Non-Profit Organizations have to say about us.

Anil Raghuvanshi

ChildSafeNet, a non-governmental organization, established with a mission to make the digital technology safer for children and young people, is pleased to collaborate with Unlimited Remit to protect children in the digial age.

The funds received from the generous donors will be used in raising awareness on the digital literacy and the safer use of the internet and digital devices. Besides, the funds will greatly help in protecting children and young people from online harms, including, but not limited to online sexual abuse and exploitation, cyber-bullying, phishing and screen/gaming addiction.

Contact Us

Thank you for showing interest to receive donations from our platform as a non-profit organization. You can contact us in multiple ways should you want to do so. The best method is to contact us by filling up the form. Someone in our team will get back to you within 3-4 business days.

Address Unlimited Building, Khichapokhari, Opp Pashupati Plaza, Kathmandu 14400, NEPAL
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