Conventional Approach Vs Contemporary Alternatives

It’s great to meet you once again.

In our previous blog we discussed how Unlimited Remit is the best alternative over conventional methods of money transfer. Especially to the Nepal community settled throughout United States.

Also, we discussed what cross border payments are and their impact. Also, how Unlimited Remit supports cross-border payments.

In this blog we will discuss in detail the conventional approach and its contemporary alternatives and how Unlimited Remit works the best with the contemporary approach.

Conventional Approach

As referred to in our previous blogs, money transfers keep the economy active. The greater number of transfers reflects the strength of the economy. Conventional methods benefit a large number of middle players on bank charges and fluctuating exchange rates. This approach is quite unpopular as certain sections find it exorbitant.

On the other hand, it is highly popular for certain sections who find it challenging to adapt to the latest means and also find it comfortable and secured with the conventional practices. Every approach has its own set of audience.

Situation Demands

Time is one of the key factors for people to consider new ways over traditional means. We all know the conventional approach takes its own course in time. The emergency demands the best and secured alternative approach to cross-border payments. This is where trust plays a vital role.

Not all the best deals are secured. It is necessary to check the authenticity of players involved in the money transfer business.

Bank Charges for International Transfers.

Banks imposing charges for international transactions differ from country to country. A study says the US charges $25- $40, whereas in Canada the transfer fee varies dramatically. These kinds of charges are applicable UK, Australia, South Africa, and across the globe.

On the other hand, exchange rates fluctuate on market conditions. They were often levied proportionally to transaction fees. It tends to range from 1.5% to 15% or more at times.

How Unlimited Remit Deals.

Unlimited Remit always adapts the latest contemporary means via the best secured way for cross border payments at a competitive fee compared to its peers.

Usually, Unlimited Remit utilizes Wise, Remitly, and Paysend channels to avail the best money transfer services. Wise, London-based fintech service is considered the best way to transfer money. Wise supports 57 foreign currencies across the globe with the lowest charges, either fixed or on a commission basis. It is highly recommended for small to medium sized bank transfers.

Remitly, an US-based digital remittance recommended for quick transfers that encourage card payments, bank transfers and also cash service across 85 countries.

Paysend, a highly recommended channel for credit card, debit card and bank transfers with competitive rates in around 100 countries across the globe.

Why Unlimited Remit?

Every approach will have its risks associated with it. Especially, in the ever-changing contemporary, alternatives will have a big challenge to winning the trust of people as it involves hard work. For that matter, winning the trust itself is hard-earned. One such hard-earned initiative is Unlimited Remit.

Unlimited Remit, with its years of experience in the field of cross-border payments, offers the best deal of all-time compared to its peers. Winning the trust of the masses, especially the Nepalese communities present throughout the United States, Unlimited Remit is a highly recognized established firm in the world of money transfer services.

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